Kontroler Asus ROG KUNAI 3 za Rog phone 5 ZS661KSCL

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ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad makes your mobile-gaming experience even more immersive, with a modular design that opens up new ways to play. It lets you have the familiar feel and controls of a game-console gamepad on your mobile phone, whether you use it in standalone Gamepad mode or docked in Handheld mode. With its USB-C® connection to mobile phone, you’ll experience instant action with near-zero latency.

One gamepad to win them all!
ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad consists of a bumper, two controllers, a charger and a grip. For Handheld mode, attach the left and right controllers to the mobile phone via the bumper to give you a precise tactile feel. Alternatively, try the handy and compact Mobility mode by mounting the controllers on the charger, or mount them on the grip for the no-holds-barred All-in-One mode. Use the proper stands to position your mobile phone on a flat surface at the ideal viewing angle, and enjoy an amazing console-like experience!

Near Zero-Latency
ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad can be connected directly to your mobile phone via its wired USB-C® connection, for instant action and ultra-responsive gaming at all times.

Precise and Responsive
ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad is engineered throughout with serious gamers in mind. Each component has been carefully chosen to reduce the response time for every action. As one of the world’s leading gaming brands we know just what gamers need, so ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad features a pioneering combination of analog triggers, ALPS joysticks and rear control keys. The analog triggers are essential for game streaming, and the ALPS joysticks provide precision viewpoint control. The rear control keys are perfect for advanced gamers, giving you even more control options.

Aura RGB
ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad features a distinctive illuminated slash on the left controller that represents the ninja kunai dagger. The slash features Aura RGB lighting that supports a wide variety of colors and lighting schemes. These can be customized which makes it easy to match your mood and style.

Product Name ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad
Model Name ZS661KSCL
Handheld Mode: 260.7*106.3*37.9 (mm)
Gamepad Mode (All in One): 154.75* 110.25* 66.8 (mm)
Gamepad Mode (Mobility) : 117.2* 106.3* 40.9 (mm)

Handheld Mode : 136g
Gamepad Mode (All in One) : 198.8g
Gamepad Mode (Mobility) : 135g

Platform ROG Phone 5 Series
Connention Wired (USB Type C)/ Bluetooth (v4.2)
Control Buttons
A,B,X and Y buttons; D pad
Left joystick with a push button
Right joystick with a push button
RB, LB; RT, LT (Analog input)
M1, M2; 4 x Shortcut keys

Light Indicator Status Indicator / Charging Indicator
Aura Lighting Static/ Breathing/ Color Cycle Strobing / (In the wired
Battery Bluetooth mode can support at least 6hrs
Charging Full charge within 3hrs

ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad x1
Type C to A cable, Protective pouch, User guide, Warranty card

Compability Model
ROG Phone 5 Series
Aero Active Cooler 5

Proizvođač Asus
Materijal N
Kratki opis mobilni dodatak -kontroler za Asus ROG phone 5


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