Digital Marketing Manager Wanted

Digital Marketing Manager Wanted

Sancta Domenica d.o.o. is a leading electronics retailer in Croatia, looking to further strengthen it's sales and marketing operations, therefore we are hiring a Digital marketing specialist within our Marketing department.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with recent 2-5 years of working experience in digital marketing roles, preferably within retail, e-commerce, software companies or marketing agencies, individually managing Google and Facebook ad accounts (top expert level), CRM/Mailing or Marketing automation software and has high level of sales communication skills with a profound interest and understanding of current evolving sales and marketing trends and consumer insights in digital environment. Experience with Corporate PR, Event managment, E-commerce development, Direct sales, Designer jobs is an additional advantage for candidates.

He/she is a fast-paced marketing enthusiast who likes a good challenge and isn't discouraged by the obstacles standing in the way of accomplishing an ambitious goal. The adjectives that best describe the ideal candidate are: self-motivated, independent, responsible and passionate about sales and marketing in digital/online environment.

In this role, you will become an integral part of a dynamic industry-leading sales and marketing operation, defining and executing marketing communication strategy for dozens of new sales promotions on daily basis, interacting and coordinating internally with Designers, Product managers and Sales executives, cooperating externally with representatives of Top Electronics products manufacturers, leading Global Marketing vendors and local partner agencies, media companies while continuosly tracking ever-changing trends and evolving own competencies in digital world.

Selected candidate should relentlessy pursuit highest level of advertising ROI, with showcase of excellent time-managment and communication skills on daily level, individually capable of creating plans, executing and proofing marketing campaigns while seeking opportunities to further broaden own and team's skills and competencies, always seeking for innovation and optimization opportunities with final goals in excellent sales results and enhaced brand awareness.

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