KSIX extreme zaštitno staklo 2.5D 9H za Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

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9,99 EUR
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The Full Glue screen protectors incorporate AB glue throughout the entire tempered glass and present an additional layer of glue on the black edge for greater adhesion and protection of the screen. Its resistance is level 9H, the maximum on the Mohs scale.

It has high sensitivity and transparency. Its 0.3 mm thickness ensures a great touch sensitivity while maintaining all the benefits of the screen. It absorbs impacts and is resistant to shocks and falls, in addition to providing protection against breakage and scratch protection for the screen. It also has an oleophobic treatment, so it includes a layer of protection that repels grease, dirt, and liquids.

Ksix is a brand from Atlantis Internacional. It has the largest collection of accessories designed to make the most of mobile devices. Each product is presented in a modern and attractive packaging, which stands out on any shelf. It offers personalized customer service and complete after-sales service.

Technical specifications
Ksix Full Glue Screen Protector
Made with Japanese Asahi glass
Tempered glass with 9H resistance, the maximum of the Mohs scale
Incorporates AB glue throughout the entire tempered glass and presents an additional layer of glue on the black edge
Oleophobic coating that repels water, grease, and dirt
High touch screen sensitivity
Scratch protection
Protection from falls
Ultrathin: 0.3 mm thickness
1 screen protector unit

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